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Album Reviews:
Pixel (Origin Records, 2023)

Adult Music Podcast

I like Hirakawa's compositions a lot, they're fresh and interesting. His piano solos are energetic
and he has a good sense of swing and nicely connected long smooth phrasing.

All About Jazz

Hirakawa an articulate pianist with an excellent melodic vocabulary. His jazz-fusion quintet explores the themes in a highly charged and dynamic way.

All About Jazz

Delivers a powerhouse performance that is a highlight of this album.

CD ジャーナル - CD Journal




Jazz Japan (Issue 155)


Jazz Weekly

Sophisticated, intricate and complex music is written by pianist Keigo Hirakawa.

JazzLife 2023.8


My Secret Room

強者たちにスリリングで瞬発力があってワクワクする演奏が続きます! 現代的センスに溢れ、アクティヴでで気概ある、緻密なアンサンブル。

Notes On the Beat

For fans of solid, small-group, straight-ahead jazz, this is an outstanding date.

The Daily Jazz Blog (Marlbank)

The album is stocked almost to the brim of the knotty but immediately impactful compositions by the pianist.

Tom Hull

Pianist, born in Japan, raised in Ohio, has at least one previous album. Postbop quintet. Fast, with some particularly hot spots.


By day a professor of electrical and computer engineering, pianist / composer Keigo Hirakawa is an accomplished jazz artist by night.

Yahoo! Japan News


ジャズ批評 (No.234) - Jazz Critique Magazine


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