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Take Effect

Tom Haugen
Take Effect

The pianist Keigo Hirakawa has a lot of experience in the area of playing jazz music, and these lively 8 tracks welcome Rafael Statin, Brandon Scott Coleman, Robert Hurst, and Alex White.

The title track opens the listen with Hirakawa’s meticulous key progressions alongside Statin’s soulful sax and White’s stunning drum acrobatics, and “Far Above” follows with a breezy demeanor of soft guitar from Coleman that suits the melodic piano.

The middle track belongs to the energetic and vivid “Origami Bettle”, where Hurst’s hypnotic bass won’t go unnoticed, while “Unmarked Path” welcomes Statin’s dreamy flute and bass clarinet for the warmly textured album highlight.

Near to the end, “Dreaming Awake” offers a reflective and pretty display of elegant guitar, buzzing clarinet and agile drums, and “Change Of Plans” exits with animated brass, crisp drums and bouncy keys.

The players on hand bring their influences from Detroit and Cincinnati, and under Hirakawa’s vision they make for an exploratory and creative jazz affair.

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