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Pixel (Origin Records, 2023)


Keigo Hirakawa (piano)
Rafael Statin (saxophone)

Brandon Scott Coleman (guitar)

Robert Hurst (bass)
Alex White (drums)

“Keigo Hirakawa’s compositions and performance in this new album “Pixel” undoubtedly reflect today’s jazz musicians’ creative mindset. His accomplished piano playing is vibrant, current, and inspiring. I truly enjoy the various explorations and cohesive interplay between the great musicians. They deliver to the listener a masterful creativity that is direct and immersive. With the Detroit-based rhythm being served by highly acclaimed drummer Alex White (whose drumming I love!) and the veteran bass master Robert Hurst, and the additions of Cincinnati’s exquisite guitarist Brandon Scott Coleman and Detroit’s stellar reed master Rafael Statin, we clearly have the makings of a beautiful creative celebration which will leave you completely satisfied!”

– From the liner notes written by Gene Jackson

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