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And Then There Were Three (2015)

And Then There Were Three.jpg

Keigo Hirakawa Trio
Keigo Hirakawa (piano)
Eddie Brookshire (bass)
Fenton Sparks (drums)
Wenbi Lai (vocals, track 8)

“This is a band with a style that’s full of inventiveness and a sense of adventure, creativeness and voracious angularity, aggressiveness and jaggedness, passion and swing. There are some moments reminiscent of the quirkiness of Herbie (Nichols), the exploratory experimental feel of Mr. Hancock’s “Inventions and Dimensions” or the more thoughtful and melodic approach of early “ECM” Keith. There are so many great and exciting moments to be found here.  Bassist Eddie Brookshire, drummer Fenton Sparks, and vocalist Wenbi Lai all contributed wonderful performances. I invite you to take the journey and enjoy the trip. I present to you this trio date by pianist Keigo Hirakawa.”

– From the liner notes written by Stephen Scott

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